1. Early stages & Strategy

Passionate about watchmaking, we have long imagined what the most remarkable watch would look like. The level of precision and reliability, timeless design, perceived quality, proportions and wearing comfort are elements to which we attach particular importance.

To achieve the highest level of achievement, we have combined the most modern techniques, sometimes innovative, and our know-how. All the procedures usually applied when designing a watch have been rethought and reconsidered.

To reach this level of excellence, chronology has been essential. First, the creation of our watches, and then the development of the structure necessary for their realization.

2. Freedom & Independance

Loniswatches is a totally independent company.

From the outset, we have had a total freedom in the design, creation, technical choices and qualification of our suppliers.

For the manufacture of our components, we have selected the best retailers, in accordance with our requirement criterias.

3. Quality & Price

Each component used in the manufacture of our watches is subject to rigorous controls. This irreproachable quality, combined with our attention to detail, allows us to offer an exemplary quality-price ratio.

Loniswatches testifies to the possibility of offering a high-end watch at a price that is accessible to the broadest public. The completion of our project is crowned by an unprecedented selling price. A significant reduction in margins as well as direct sale on our official website make your luxury dream accessible.